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White Leather and Birch Wood Heels

350 EUR250 EUR

The unique leather shoes feature a birch wood sole. The architectural design was inspired by an interior wooden chair and each statement pair is handmade in custom design. Made to measure. Featured at Elle, Vogue Italy, Marie Claire, Milk etc magazines. 


Upper, lining : 100%  Leather
Sole: Latvian Birch Wood

Brand’s philosophy:  

Fashion meets architecture and art.

Designer Baiba Ladiga is constantly looking for new shapes, materials and construction methods, very often draped, minimalistic, to simplify modern life human needs. Often unisex, her garments and accessories are a perfect match for busy travellers or simply active life lovers, thanks to functionality. Her idea is: fashion should follow our needs and not the opposite. Mainly black and white, made of natural materials like wool, linen and cotton, inspired by architecture and minimalism. Deconstruction plays a big role in Baiba Ladiga  design as well. Brand focuses on sustainability and zero waste. Established in 2014, Latvia.  Our brand stands for high quality, and natural materials. All garments and accessories are made to order, production time takes up to two weeks.